At least that’s what it’s called according to Mal Webb.



I’ve been practicing on my bike on my way to and from work :) Except my sore throat is pretty bad, so my voice tires quickly.

In other news, I’m definitely over the stomach part of the sickness. The sore throat, as I mentioned, is pretty bad. It feels like there’s a dry lump in my throat. Terrible! I’ve been drinking tea and coughing.


I’m so exhausted. I’m just beat. Thursday and Friday were the only days I worked this week and they really whupped me after being sick. I feel like sleeping all day tomorrow, but then I’ll miss my day off! If tomorrow follows the pattern of the days previous, I’ll wake up at 4-5am with my sore throat and then make tea, and go back to bed after 20 minutes or so. But the difference tomorrow is that I can just go back to sleep and not worry about waking up at a specific time! Yay :D I used to take sleeping in so much for granted. I should be overjoyed that I don’t have a 70-hour workweek and not take what I have for granted! I actually have a day off :)

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